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Know the Difference Between DUI and DWI
United states lose a life every 50 minutes to alcohol. It’s confirmed that people that die on traffic accident contribute 28 % of the total accidents experienced in US. In case you are reading this article and you have an experience with a DUI or a DWI you need to learn more on this page about the difference between the two. Find out more about it here.

DWI or DUI charges that are applicable when you are arrested driving under influence of alcohol or other substances. To understand about DWI or DUI you need to consider different states, the amount of alcohol taken and also the age of the person charged. It’s wrong to drive when you are under the influence since you are putting your life and that of other road users in danger. The best way to evade being charged with DWI or DUI is by ensuring you are sober when you are driving. Nevertheless, our goal here is to help you understand the difference between DWI and DUI. Click here to read more about DWI and DUI charges.

The meaning of the acronyms is very crucial when you are trying to understand the difference between DWI and DUI. A DUI represents Driving Under the influence while DWI represents Driving while intoxicated. However, DWI can also be used to mean Driving While Impaired.
The fact that DWI is not issued in states but DUI it make some states not to have the difference between the two. There are several degrees that are applied by the states that don’t have the difference between these charges and this may put into consideration your law records. There are three states that is Massachusetts , Rhode and Maine that have charges like OUI and OWI which implies Operating Under Influence or Operating While Intoxicated.

This page will define more on DWI, DUI and Alcohol. The substance you have taken is used by some states to differentiate between DWI and DUI. DUI is charged for the people that are driving under the influence while DWI is for the drivers under other substances like drugs. It’s possible that you are arrested by the police officers although you don’t have alcohol in your system if they take test by the help of experts. When it proves that you are under the influence by the police officers you are arrested with DWI or DUI. The consequences can be a serious than you may expect.

To conclude, in case you find yourself arrested for driving under influence or while intoxicated it’s important to think of consulting a lawyer to help you go through the case .