Erce Arslan


Date & Place of birth

15 . 08 . 1985 | Ankara, Turkey

Position in Kimaera

Drummer | Joined the band in 2013

Major influences

Mike Mangini | Igor Cavalera | Mike Portnoy | Dave Lombardo | Paul Bostaph | Mario Duplantier | Vinnie Paul | Gene Hoglan | Lars Ulrich | Raymond Herrera

Favorite bands

Gojira | Pantera | Slayer | Death | At The Gates | Testament | Sepultura | Metallica | Dream Theater | Overkill | Symphony X | Annihilator | Queen | Pain of Salvation |
Cannibal Corpse | Fear Factory | Empyrium | Dying Fetus |Devildriver | Immortal | In Flames | Oasis | Muse | Enya...

Favorite albums

The Way Of All Flesh – L’Enfant Sauvage | Gojira
South Of Heaven | Slayer
Vulgar Display of Power | Pantera
Scenes From A Memory | Dream Theater
Sons Of Northern Darkness | Immortal
Paradise Lost | Symphony X
Master of Puppets | Metallica
Bloodthirst | Cannibal Corpse
Symbolic | Death


Music | Books | Philosophy | History of Science | Nature | Fitness | Poker | Movies/Series | Video Editing | Engineering Geology

Favorite QUOTES

With your love and with your creating go into your solitude, my brother; only much later will justice limp after you. With my tears, go into your solitde, my brother.
I love him who seeks to create beyond himself, and thus perishes. Thus spoke Zarathustra.
Friedrich Nietzsche


The Harbinger of Doom

* The Die is Cast is now available - more...

* Latvian tour dates announced - more...

* Artwork for the new single 'The Die is Cast' revealed - more...

KIMAERA  collaborate with Karina Eid for the song "Leich La' " more...

* KIMAERA  releases a new music video from "The Harbinger of Doom" more...


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The Harbinger of DoomDecember Ends

Solitary ImpactEbony Veiled

The Die is Cast

Official Music Videos

Ancient Serpent (Official Video)

Ancient Serpent

Official Video


Lost Control (Anathema Cover)

Lost Control

Anathema Cover


December Ends (Official Video)

December Ends

Official Video


The Taste of Treason (Official Video)

The Taste of Treason

Official Video


The Taste of Treason (Making of)

The Taste of Treason

Making of


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