KIMAERA is the Arab world’s trailblazing symphonic oriental death metal band, hailing

from Lebanon in the heart of the Middle East. Atmospheric death/doom with a

progressive touch collides with traditional Middle Eastern and orchestral instruments

to produce a complex dark sound with a cross-generic flair. Their transcending of

musical boundaries is inspired by Epica’s melodies, Dimmu Borgir’s black

symphonies, Behemoth’s aggression, Katatonia’s darkness and Middle Eastern

oriental music.

Formed in 2000 by JP Haddad, KIMAERA’s path has helped put Lebanese metal on the

world map. They were the first Lebanese metal band to secure an international record

deal, signing with Stygian Crypt Productions after releasing their first single God’s

Wrath in 2004. Since then, they have continued to secure firsts in their home country,

where they are known as the “Lebanese ambassadors of doom”. They were the first

Lebanese metal band to release songs internationally, to tour outside Lebanon, and to

release professionally produced music videos, gaining a loyal worldwide following.

Their music has attracted attention both in their native Middle East and in Europe.

Metal Hammer magazine included their single A Silent Surrender in its September

2011 covermount CD, and they have shared the stage with renowned international

bands at festivals across Europe and the Middle East, including Masters of Rock

(Czech Republic, 2010, featuring Epica, Behemoth and Annihilator), Unirock

Open Air (Turkey, 2011, featuring Decapitated, Vader and Mayhem), Beirut

Rock Festival (Lebanon, 2011, featuring Katatonia and Moonspell), Metal

Heads’ Mission (Ukraine, 2012, headlined by Nile), Doom Upon Russia tour

(opening for Amorphis on the last night in 2013), and most recently after a period of

hiatus the Beirut Metal Fest (Lebanon, 2017, headlined by Legion of the

Damned) and Zobens Un Lemess (Latvia, 2017, headlined by Amorphis).

After the release of their debut Ebony Veiled in 2006, followed by Solitary Impact in

2010, and the Harbinger of Doom in 2013 (released by Eternal Sound Records,

Germany), KIMAERA are now working on their fourth studio album, in which they

continue to reject being defined by boundaries.

Despite hailing from one of the most war-torn regions in the world in which they have

had to overcome ongoing political, economic and security hurdles, Kimaera refuse to

be seen simply through the prism of current conflict. They have instead chosen to

engage with their country’s ancient history through an original take: Their new album’s

theme is inspired by Roman history, with Lebanon having been part of the Roman

Empire with all its power, brutality and majesty. The Middle Eastern ethnic

instruments whose sound infuses the album also have their origins in ancient Rome,

giving the album a distinct aural mark.

KIMAERA are soon releasing a music video for a single from this album, titled The Die

is Cast, mastered by the renowned Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Dimmu



The Harbinger of Doom

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