In the year 2000, KIMAERA was born on the stages of small pubs in the streets of Lebanon after dark. It has come a long way since, having become an international name and  destroying the stage in music festivals across the globe such as Masters of Rock (Czech Rep.), ‘Festivale Mediteranneen de la Guitare (Tunisia), Unirock (Turkey), and MHM (Ukraine). Hailed as the ‘Lebanese Ambassadors of DOOM’, KIMAERA has helped put Lebanon on the map when it comes to metal music.

 They were first discovered by Russian label company Stygian Crypt Productions, after KIMAERA released its self produced single God’s Wrath in 2004. The powerful single received very positive feedback, which in turn opened the way for the worldwide release of their debut album Ebony Veiled in 2006. Due to the innovative interplay of Doom, Death & Oriental metal elements contained within one album, ‘Ebony Veiled’ was heralded by the press as “The doom metal discovery of the year”.  Critics described it as “A true opus of beauty and sadness”.

 Following the hardship of constant lineup change, KIMAERA managed to release in 2010 their second album Solitary Impact. The album achieved great critical acclaim. As described by the press, KIMAERA proved that they are “no longer a mere student, but now give lessons”. With recurring themes of betrayal and abandonment, Solitary Impact is a lot darker than Ebony Veiled while still maintaining the signature KIMAERA innovation.
Along with the album release, KIMAERA produced its first music video for ‘The Taste of Treason’. Both album and music video were very well received, and brought KIMAERA to sharper attention from the European metal scene, particularly from Metal Hammer Magazine which featured the band in their compilation for September 2011 issue.

 In 2011, they released the single ‘December Ends’ to whet the appetite of their fans as they wait for the release of the third studio album.

 After inking a management deal in 2012 with one of the most reputable agencies in Europe, The Flaming Arts, who worked with many metal veterans such as ‘Behemoth’, ‘November’s Doom’ & ‘Sepultura’, KIMAERA signed in 2013 with Eternal Sound Records from Germany for the release of their Third Studio album The Harbinger of Doom, and consecutively with Heavy Space as their new booking & management agency.

 The Harbinger of Doom can be best described as a Revolutionary Metal album. True to the nature of the region from which they hail, the songs are unpredictable, feverish, and enraged. With strong roots set in Doom and Death Metal, KIMAERA elevates those genres into something completely their own. The Harbinger of Doom is the synapse of East & West, Doom & Death, Light & then the overwhelming Darkness.

Following the release of The Harbinger of Doom, KIMAERA produced two music videos from the album; consecutively, Anathema's Lost Control cover and the opening track Ancient Serpents

KIMAERA is set to tour Latvia and confirmed for Zobens Un Lemess Festival w/ Amorphis, Batushka (...) to promote their upcoming new release The Die Is Cast set in June 2017

Some of the Press on KIMAERA

“Kimaera is living proof that the peripheries of the metal world map can hold  treasures of at least equal value to those releases made in the heart of it. If Theatre of Tragedy ever returns from their musical journey into Scooter-land and decides to make an album that outdoes all their previous ones, then they might compete with Kimaera… ‘Ebony Veiled' is a work which stands firmly on its own feet. It's original, varied, catchy and "genuine".

With 'Solitary Impact', Kimaera have finally reached a certain maturity, and their Gothic Doom/Death is one of the most uplifting I have listened to this year. Kimaera are no longer a mere student, but now give lessons. A great success that I hope will last a long time. []

“Ebony Veiled” is such a killer blend of melodic doom and heavy groove death metal. Compared to bands like Opeth and Daylight Dies Kimaera really rival all the better doom.”

"It may appear that Doom has long since outlived itself, however, 'Ebony Veiled' the long awaited album of the Lebanese band 'Kimaera' which was released by the Russian label Stygian Crypt can destroy this stereotype and easily claim to be the Doom metal discovery of this year."

"..Currently, the band is working on its second album which can make us forget the old idols of Doom and make us talk about it but this will happen only if the band will be able to overstep the boundaries of Ebony Veiled. So, My Dying Bride, be aware!" []

"Their sound takes us back to the early 90's and into the British Isles, where bands such as My Dying Bride, Anathema and Paradise Lost were starting their careers."

'..I had never heard so many darker genres fused together at once. Theres a bit of something for every Metal fan.' []

"Kimaera have produced an extremely admirable piece of work here. I’d put this on par with ‘Novembers Doom’ when they really hit a strong stride on Ebony Veiled, and some moments are nearly in league with Daylight Dies and Agalloch. It goes to show good metal can be found everywhere, and to give it all a chance. []


The Harbinger of Doom

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